About us

Matt Jaggard founder of DocComs m to improve patient care. Matt is working at Chelsea & Westminster and Fortius Clinic.

Matt Jaggard, Co-founder

Matt founded DocComs to improve communication between hospital staff, designing the ideal app for doctors, teams and hospital systems with the overarching aim to improve patient care.  Matt is currently a Fellow working at Chelsea & Westminster and Fortius Clinic. Matt advises DocComs on clinical and administrative best practice.

Roseanna Jaggard, CEO

Roseanna leads the experienced team at DocComs.  She focuses on bringing innovative IT solutions into the healthcare sector, creating viable working solutions for busy clinicians and healthcare institutions.

John Botibol, Head of Development

John is an IT professional with more than 30 years’ experience in IT management, development and delivery.  His previous roles include Technical Director for a £16m IT software & service company, and MD of a software company with a track record in implementing a range of major outsourced IT service contracts and software projects.

Robert Edyvean, Service desk manager

After graduating from Oxford, Rob has been involved in technology since the 1990’s (he founded one of the first consultancies specialising in developing database-driven websites, which drew attention from Forrester Research and involvement with some early high profile .com projects). Rob joined DocComs as one of the original employees in 2018, taking the app from initial concept through design stage through to an initial working version, before handing over development and moving on to product testing and setting up the service desk.

James Warren, Developer

Since graduating from the University of Lincoln in 2019 and joining DocComs in 2020, James has been applying himself as a full-stack developer. Working on multiple optimisations and features, both for our client and back-end infrastructure, he continues to create and present solutions to complex problems, strengthening DocComs’ ability to serve the medical community.

Nina Israelsen, Senior UX Product Designer

Responsible for all areas within UX, UI design. Has designed products over many years and worked with product strategy, product design, UX research, UX maturity in startups, consultancies and large IT companies.
Hold a degree in Computer Science, major in development and design, diplomas and certificates in UX /UI design, UX management and strategy.

The background for creating DocComs

DocComs was founded in response to a need for a secure and NHS-approved communication system with clinical functionality.

While working as a trainee surgeon, founder Matt Jaggard became frustrated with the lack of secure, fit-for-purpose communication tools among healthcare staff. Patient care depends on clinical teams being able to communicate quickly. It requires the whole team to converse without barriers while securing the patient data.

Healthcare staff are constantly moving around in large hospital buildings as they treat their patients. A fast and secure mobile communication system to manage patients, discuss treatment and task workflow is vital to improve efficiency, work life balance and patient care.

DocComs is engineered around the daily working demands of healthcare staff managing tasks, patient discussions & treatment pathways. The protection that DocComs affords its users gives clinicians peace of mind with their patient data, adhering to NHS and data guidelines of confidentiality and safety.