Features on the app

DocComs is a clinical communications platform with a suite of carefully-crafted features to optimise treatment pathways and make clinicians’ lives easier.

Intuitively, securely and reliably.

Doctor using mobile phone

Designed by doctors

Designed by a team of consultant doctors with first-hand experience of the pressures of clinical life, DocComs reflects a laser focus on ease of use, with reliability and security as standard.

Bespoke clinical functionality
Enjoy having your every step anticipated, with features designed to ease interactions throughout your day.

Familiar interface
Easily navigate through DocComs’ array of clinical features and functionality through an intuitive, familiar interface.

Protected personal details
Protect your work-life balance by hiding your personal details.

Intelligent introduction system
Onboard colleagues into patient discussions easily. Share a simple sign-up link to give new users access to patient history.

Directory of clinicians
Find and connect with verified healthcare professionals without the need to obtain personal contact details.

Patient-led communications

With each interaction uniquely recorded by relevant patient ID, DocComs is the only truly patient-centric clinical communications platform.

Digital patient lists
Manage your patient lists through DocComs, with electronic patient records that are automatically updated along the treatment pathway.

Prominent patient discussions
Ensure nothing gets lost with patient discussions that are kept totally separate from general conversations.

Fully interoperable
Sync directly with hospitals’ central data repositories because of DocComs’ unique technical architecture.

Digital task management

Going far beyond glorified ‘to do lists’, tasks on DocComs are their own entity, with explicit owners and due dates, allowing for efficient management of clinical teams.

Explicit task ownership
Allocate individual tasks to explicit owners to increase accountability.

Task tracking
Keep track of important tasks and outstanding items through live task lists.

Automatic reminders
Receive reminders for all tasks related to patients in your care.

Receive alerts whenever results are uploaded to tasks related to patients in your care.

Security as standard

DocComs allows clinicians to communicate with complete confidence and freedom, without concern for data going astray.

End-to-end encryption
Rest assured that all content exchanged over DocComs is protected via end-to-end encryption and will not be shared with any other platform.

Verified medical users
Be safe in the knowledge that all users are verified medical professionals with ID checks on sign up.

Protected access to patient history
Request access to individual patient conversations from an original ‘custodian’.

Secure photos and files
Store patient photos and videos securely within the DocComs app; away from personal devices or cloud storage solutions.

Mandatory passcode
Set a PIN code on installation for an additional layer of protection if your device is lost or stolen.