Why do you need DocComs?

DocComs has been designed as an intuitive mobile application, offering instant familiarity for everyone. It delivers the important security aspect that medical users require to protect patient data i.e. images, case notes and confidential treatment discussions.
DocComs discussions can be shared between individuals and teams to reach the best possible decision for the patient, quickly without worrying about security risks.
  • Interoperable
  • Accessible to all medical staff
  • Easy to procure

Medical staff looking at a phone ready for surgery discussing a patient

“DocComs facilitates the flow of data across care boundaries”

Matt Jaggard,  Co-founder, DocComs

mobile device is laying beside a PC that illustrates secure data on a mobile device

Do you have patient sensitive information on your personal device?

As a healthcare professional it is likely that you use your personal mobile device to communicate.

Your responsibilities:
“To ensure any personal information you hold or control is effectively protected at all times against improper access, disclosure or loss”

GMC principles:
Mainstream messaging applications DO NOT uphold your responsibilities as a clinician to safeguard your patient’s data.

Visit General Medical Council to view Good Medical Practice and learn about the guidelines.


Is It ok because I anonymise the patient data?

Absolutely not!  

“Anonymised data should not be used for clinical decision making”

GMC principles:
Anonymising data has several potential issues:

  • Patient misidentity
  • No traceable record of clinical decisions
  • Lost key information for the electronic patient record
  • Lost medicolegal protection from collaborative discussion

Visit General Medical Council to view Good Medical Practice and learn about the guidelines.

Circles that illustrates that DocComs App can be integrated with other digital solutions

Is it interoperable?

DocComs offers a seamless and secure flow of data between primary, secondary and community care systems.
It is interoperable, easy to implement and access for all medical professionals.

It is the only system that offers a complete mobile work-flow management system and saves time for busy working professionals.

Giving them the ability to concentrate on and improve patient care.

How can DocComs help?

DocComs provides the highest security standards with full accreditation to Cyber Security Essentials and NHS data standards.

With security as standard, DocComs offers the following –

  • Real time clinical messaging, patient lists and task management
  • It allows medical staff to meet professional obligations ethically and morally.
  • It offers peace of mind to discuss patient treatment on your mobile phone.
  • It organises patient discussions allowing for future clinical use and integration to the patient record
  • Patient discussions are and organised by unique patient identifiers  
  • It performs team tasking and removes the duplication of labour to improve clinical team efficiency.
  • It connects healthcare professionals through a medical directory (search for and connect with colleagues).
  • DocComs provides superior image quality, editing functions and separate image library.